Fostering For Us

Thank you for your interest in helping our cause.

Without foster homes, we would not be able to save the dogs who so desperately need our help with getting out of the overcrowded shelters. And the more foster families we have helping us, the more dogs we can save.

We can provide all of the necessities for the foster dog (including bed, leash and collar, toys and food if needed), as well as pay for the vet care. But the foster family must be dedicated to taking good care of the foster dog.

Many of our rescue dogs come straight out of the shelters, without first staying in a foster home in LA, so the dogs are scared and stressed and need lots of love, patience and care. The foster family must provide a calm and supportive environment, as well as be willing to do some basic training with the dog when necessary. We do not ask for extensive training, or for you to go out of your comfort zone with dog training, but please understand that the rescue dogs are not going to be “perfect”. For example, many of the dogs are not properly house-trained and don’t have good leash manners, because they were strays before ending up at the shelter. However, with our guidance and patience the dogs blossom into wonderful pets, and reward us tenfold with their affection.

If you are located in Victoria, BC., please email us if you would like to learn more about providing foster care for our rescue dogs.